Your Peak Health Mastery program! 

I always say, without your physical health everything else is out the window! There’s a true old saying that goes – “a man in health has a thousand goals, a man without, has just one”. 

With nutrition mastery in my sights years ago after a real struggle with health anxiety, I needed to dig for answers as to the ever-crushing physical disease risk ratios decreasing and did plenty of searching. 

As an avid student of life my certification as a Primal Health Coach coupled with 100s of education hours, I want to help you rediscover true physical vitality and peak health.

This program curriculum is stacked with enjoyment, ancestral wisdom, science, and bio hacks to get you in peak state for peak performance. 

Let’s go, Andrew.

This is a carefully crafted 4-week online program with a daily email from me.

Who’s this for?

· Someone who struggles with weight management

· A person that is confused about nutrition 

· Wish to eat for health, vitality, longevity and not just by digits

· Wants unlimited energy and mental clarity 


  1.  How we evolved – training on metabolism, damaging fats and what foods serve us. 
  2. Our preferred fuel source – training on burning fat for fuel, myth busting and anti-nutrients.  
  3. Nurturing our gut – Gut health training, the fat facts and hormone nourishment. 
  4. Peak health strategy – Health promoting strategies, Food hierarchy and the things to watch out for.